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Continuing medical education for Rheumatologists

Within the United States, CMEs for physicians are regulated by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and the American Osteopathic Association (AOA). The Physician CME Requirements vary by state; please see below for a list of requirements.

State Requirements for CMEs

We make every effort to help our anesthesiologists be requirement-ready when taking on a new assignment. Please see the list below of CMEs available online. Some links may require free registration before viewing. 

Online & Free CMEs

Date CME name
Credit hours Format
6/28/2021 - 6/28/2022 Updates on Management of Osteoarthritis and Osteoarthritis Pain 2.00 Webcast
6/30/2021 - 6/30/2022 Exploring Best Practices for Diagnosis and Management of Adult-Onset Still's Disease 1.25 Webcast
7/23/2021 - 7/23/2022 Connective Tissue Disease and Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: Multidisciplinary Coordination of Care to Optimize Outcomes 1.00 Patient Care Simulations
6/30/2021 - 6/30/2022 ACR COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance 0.50 Video
6/28/2021 - 6/28/2022 A Closer Look at PAH Diagnosis, Screening, and Risk Assessment 0.50 Expert Perspective
2/23/2022 - 2/23/2023 Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Micro Lessons on the Future of Biologics  0.50 Activity
2/22/2022 - 2/23/2023 Hot Topics in Over-the-Counter Options for Osteoarthritis: Topical vs. Oral Analgesics  0.50 Activity
11/16/2021 - 8/26/2022 Psoriasis/Psoriatic Arthritis Update: A Team Based Approach to Elevated Care 1.00 Webcast On-Demand
5/21/2021 - 5/21/2022 R.A.P.I.D. Diagnosis of RA and Long-Term Co-Management Strategies: Panel Discussion 1.00 Expert Perspective
6/15/2021 - 6/15/2022 Voices in Psoriatic Arthritis  0.75 Patient Case Study