6 Telehealth Benefits for Your Facility

Did you know incorporating a telehealth solution into your healthcare business strategy can improve access for your patients, improve the ease of visits and efficiency of your providers, can be used across a wide range of specialties and improve patient and provider satisfaction? These are just some of the reasons why more facilities, especially in rural communities, are embracing telemedicine.

What are the biggest benefits of telehealth?



Increased regional market share

The global telehealth market is predicted to exceed $9 billion by 2022. Our aging population means there are more patients than ever needing care, yet a shrinking provider pool. However, new developments in technology, coupled with innovative solutions for reaching patients, make telehealth the smart standard of care.



New and improved sources of revenue

Telehealth maximizes your providers’ efficiency by bringing them to new or existing locations as added service lines, increasing your facility’s ability to capture more patients and provide more care.



Cost savings

Remove the cost of travel, lodging and food from the bottom line of locum tenens costs and see the savings. Telehealth programs can deploy any medical specialty in a scheduled or on-demand format and deliver excellent care at a fraction of the cost.



Access to referrals

Maximize your specialists so your entire organization can benefit from their expertise. Patients appreciate not having to travel great distances to seek necessary medical information and provider-to-provider consultation improves treatment plans while also streamlining care.



Delivering patient-centered care

The quality of healthcare rises when telemedicine is deployed to reduced wait times, while improving continuity among providers and the ease of follow-up. Patients appreciate having increased access to medical professionals and often embrace telemedicine options when offered. Virtual visits also allow providers to reach rural and underserved areas, while tapping into patient populations that need and deserve care, improving the health of the entire community.



Addressing provider burnout

Providers can improve work/life balance by practicing from a home base or a center which is convenient for them. Telehealth allows the provider to practice medicine with increased autonomy and places the emphasis on the patients and their care, fostering improved outcomes and high satisfaction among both patients and clinicians.

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