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Automated advisory vital signs notification system increases effectiveness in critical care

Source: Critical Care 2017

A study was conducted on electronic automated advisory vital sign monitoring and notification systems used for patients with respiratory illness. The results show the systems are successful in notifying the RRTs when a patient is in the ICU and under critical care. This new system notifies RRTs faster and more frequently throughout a patient’s stay. The notifications are directly linked to faster interventions, less cardiac arrests, decreased mortality rates and better overall health of patients in the ICU.

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Doctors’ responsibility goes further than health

Source: Stat News

This opinion piece by a pulmonary and critical care physician calls to attention responsibilities doctors often do not focus on or learn during medical school and residency. This account of a woman’s family who decided to stop prolonging their mother’s pain addresses the lack of communication skills doctors have during times of death. From the beginning of a medical process, it is the doctor’s obligation to explain every medicinal option, and to acknowledge the topic of mortality.

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