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Disarming diabetes and kidney disease with one drug

Source: Stanford Medicine

Because prolonged high blood sugar harms blood vessels in the kidneys, Type 2 diabetics are often at high risk for kidney disease, and possibly kidney failure. A recent clinical trial conducted by Stanford Medicine researchers found that canagliflozin, a drug approved to lower blood glucose levels in diabetic patients, can also significantly reduce the risk of kidney damage.

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Pumped for innovative diabetes treatment solutions

Source: HITInfrastructure

Diabetic patients seeking more individualized therapy have a new and improved way of customizing their treatment with the first interoperable insulin pump. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the Tandem Diabetes Care t:Slim X2, an alternate controller-enabled (ACE) insulin pump, which can effectively dispense insulin under the skin by communicating with external diabetes management devices or independently as programmed by the user. Not only does the FDA’s authorization of the first interoperable ACE insulin pump allow patients to tailor their treatment systems, but it also paves the way for future connected diabetes devices to get out to the market more efficiently.

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