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Ear infection? There’s an app for that!

Source: University of Washington

Ear infection symptoms are a common reason for a trip to the pediatrician, but a new smartphone app may allow for a more convenient at-home diagnosis. Researchers at the University of Washington have created an app that can detect fluid behind the eardrum using a piece of paper and the smartphone’s microphone and speaker.

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Brain-controlled hearing aids help with the cocktail party effect

Source: Columbia University Zuckerman Institute

While modern hearing aid technology has made strides in the ability to amplify speech while suppressing most background noise, there is still a challenge when the other noises are also voices. Columbia University engineers have developed an experimental technology designed to improve upon modern hearing aids by capitalizing on the brain’s natural ability to detect and amplify one voice out of a crowd. Powered by artificial intelligence, the brain-controlled hearing aid monitors the wearers’ brain waves and boosts the voice they want to focus on.

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