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New tests evaluate gluten exposure for celiac disease patients

Source: NPR

Three million people in America have celiac disease. Two studies have revealed that people are still being contaminated with trace amounts of gluten that could be damaging their bodies despite being on gluten free diets. Two tests have now been developed that can test urine and stool for amounts of gluten exposure and help celiac disease patients rethink what they've been eating.

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Blood test could replace the dreaded colonoscopy


Researchers from Huntsville’s HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology have announced that blood tests may be used to check for colon cancer one day instead of a colonoscopy. Indicators of colon polyps were found in blood plasma that could later lead to colon cancer. Patients do not like having colonoscopies done and many delay the procedure which may put their health at risk. Researchers will continue to do more research and trials for the blood test.

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