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Health Insurance Benefits

LocumTenens.com does not employ the clinicians who work on LocumTenens.com assignments, and therefore, we do not exclusively offer medical benefits to our locum tenens practitioners. However, we are now offering an opportunity for those who contract with us to access insurance through Physician Solutions, LP, a professional employer organization (PEO). To learn more about this unique health insurance opportunity, contact them directly at info@physiciansolutionslp.com.

We’ve compiled some articles and resources that may be helpful as you research additional health insurance options for self-employed, 1099 contractors.

LocumTenens.com does not endorse any third-party websites, but wants to provide financial advice for our locum tenens physicians, advanced practitioners, psychologists, and social workers. To learn more, read our Disclaimers of Endorsement and Liability.