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Paralyzed man uses robotic arm to regain independence

Source: McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine

University of Pittsburg and UPMC Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation are exploring new hopes for those who suffer from being paralyzed after detrimental accidents such as spinal cord injuries. For the first time in physical medicine, the patient was able to experience a sensation of touch through the use of a robotic arm. This new technology allows the patient to move the arm by thought, and it communicates with the brain through a microelectrode array that is implanted in the brain. Moving forward, research is continuing to improve the sensory process, and is focused on giving patients the opportunity to use their natural abilities again.

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New techniques for neuro rehab to include brain remapping

Source: Medical News Today

Researchers from the AIST Human Technology Research Institute in Japan have formulated new techniques of motor function rehabilitation that help patients who have suffered brain damage and/or stroke. The main idea of their research focuses on patients executing repetitive exercises aiming to strengthen other, uninjured, areas of the brain, like fine motor skills. In their trails, after several weeks of this kind of therapy, test subjects demonstrated significant improvement in all motor skills, large and fine. Researchers concluded that when the uninjured areas of the brain are strengthened post brain injury, those areas assist and ultimately improve the damaged areas.

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