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Axuall Partners with LocumTenens.com to Streamline Clinician Placement and Address Workforce Shortages

Collaboration to reduce hospital hiring time for temporary physician and advanced practice professionals.

CLEVELAND, April 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Axuall, the industry leader in clinical workforce intelligence, and LocumTenens.com, experts in flexible, hybrid and contingent staffing for the healthcare industry, today announced that LocumTenens.com’s digital credentialing will run through Axuall’s Workforce Intelligence Network and Clinician Wallet. The transition to Axuall will enable LocumTenens.com to automate clinician data for credentialing with increased speed and precision, while also alleviating information gaps and manual administrative work for its physicians and advanced practice providers, enhancing overall clinician satisfaction and reducing credentialing time.

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, there could be a shortage of as many as 122,000 physicians by 2032. This partnership provides immediate solutions to help address healthcare’s workforce shortage challenges by reducing credentialing time by up to 70 percent.

“LocumTenen.com’s mission is to ensure patients have access to quality care when and where they need it. Leveraging Axuall technology to accelerate clinician credentialing is another way we are supporting this focus and commitment,” said Susanne Hodges, SVP of Information Services at LocumTenens.com.

Axuall’s Clinician Wallet doesn’t just save time for hospitals and health systems, it also improves their relationships with the clinicians they hire. In fact, the user rating for the clinician experience is 9 out of 10.

“Harnessing workforce intelligence to reduce unnecessary friction in the clinician supply chain is a core tenet of our mission,” stated Charlie Lougheed, the founder and CEO of Axuall. “We’re honored to work alongside LocumTenens.com to help close the gap between patient needs and the healthcare workers that meet them.”

Axuall’s solution provides a continuous flow of data from nearly 7,000 sources, providing accurate, real-time data about clinician populations and empowering firms to make more efficient and informed decisions.

About LocumTenens.com

LocumTenens.com specializes in optimizing healthcare staffing strategies with flexible, hybrid and temporary placement of physicians, advanced practice providers, and psychologists through both onsite and telehealth services. As operators of the locum tenens industry’s most-visited job board, LocumTenens.com connects healthcare organizations with medical professionals to ensure patients have access to quality care. Founded in 1995, LocumTenens.com is a leader in the healthcare staffing industry and an employer of choice, placing clinicians who deliver care to more than seven million patients in over 4,000 healthcare facilities in the U.S. Headquartered in Atlanta, LocumTenens.com is a Jackson Healthcare® company. Learn more at www.LocumTenens.com.

About Axuall

Built with leading healthcare systems, Axuall is a workforce intelligence company powered by a national real-time practitioner data network. The technology enables healthcare systems, staffing firms, telehealth, and health plans to dramatically reduce onboarding and enrollment time while providing robust data insights for network planning, analytics, and reporting. To learn more, visit www.axuall.com or follow Axuall on LinkedIn.

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