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Reasons to Work Locum Tenens Psychology

Wondering if locum tenens work is right for you?

Whether you are a behavioral psychologist, a cognitive psychologist, a developmental psychologist or a social psychologist, locum tenens could be a perfect fit for you, allowing you more freedom and flexibility than other positions available for clinical psychologists.

What is locum tenens?

Locum tenens means "to hold the place of, to substitute for." Locum tenens psychologists contract with agencies to provide short or long-term staffing solutions. They help facilities fill gaps in coverage and open or expand existing service lines. 

What are the top incentives to try locum tenens?

  1. Most agencies cover travel fees, lodging costs and malpractice insurance to help reduce logistical worries. Customer care teams are also ready to ensure an assignment goes smoothly, and recruiters learn your interests in order to match you to the perfect opportunity.
  3. After graduation, test drive different positions or sample different practice settings before settling on a permanent one.
  5. Earn extra income - doctorate programs are expensive. Locum tenens pay can help pay off school debt or add an extra financial cushion for you and your family. After retiring, locum tenens work is great for supplementing retirement income.
  7. Enjoy a flexible schedule - you choose where and when you go. You can even consider combining family vacation with a locum tenens assignment.
  9. Network with new colleagues while gaining experience with different types of patients.

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  1. During a mid-career stage of your life, you can learn new skills or contemplate a new kind of career while keeping your skills sharp and maintaining your license.      
  2. Travel to new locations throughout the country on someone else's dime.
  3. Improve patient access to quality mental healthcare, especially in poor or rural communities.
  4. Gain more clinical experience without worrying about the business side and extra paperwork involved in a healthcare practice.
  5. Balance your work and family life. Parents returning to work after taking time to raise a family can find an easier way back into practicing while also maintaining flexible hours.