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Emergency Medicine Career and Resource Center

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Emergency Medicine Salary and Employment Statistics

The 2019 Emergency Medicine Salary Survey annual report is now available! Results from the annual Emergency Medicine salary survey highlight annual average emergency medicine physician salaries. Respondent demographics including region of practice and time frame for making next job change are also covered in detail.

The culprit sending young children to the ER

Source: Nationwide Children’s

Every day, personal care products like fragrant lotions and shampoos are perfectly harmless when used appropriately, but in the hands of young children, the ease of accessibility and lack of child-resistant packaging can lead to dangerous consequences. A new study found that just short of 65,000 children were treated in U.S. emergency rooms from 2002 through 2016, the equivalent of one child every two hours. Parents and child caregivers are urged to take extra caution and keep such products out of sight and out of reach.

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An obstacle course for blood cells

Source: University of Washington

New technology that tests blood platelet health could help emergency room doctors make life saving blood transfusion decisions in record time. Traditional methods used to assess bleeding risk in trauma patients are unable to detect platelet strength, the most critical factor involved in blood clotting. But researchers at the University of Washington are working on a prototype of a microfluidic device that essentially forces blood cells through an obstacle course. With further research and development, the team hopes the technology will also serve to be useful in other areas of medicine.

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