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2020 Hospitalist Salary and Employment Statistics

The 2020 hospitalist salary survey annual report is now available! Results from the annual hospitalist salary survey highlight annual average hospitalist salaries. Respondent demographics including region of practice and employment status are covered in detail. Also, view clinicians’ thoughts on another wave of COVID-19 and patient misinformation about the virus. 

The hospitalist salary resource center provides more detailed salary information.

Flu Season Predictions

Source: University of Minnesota

Flu season is upon us. Typically flu season lasts from October to March, with the peak month being February. Even though the same precautions we are taking against COVID-19 work to fight off the flu too, don’t count on a mild flu season this year. Flu season predictions in the Northern Hemisphere are based on what the Southern Hemisphere experiences in their flu season, but the low rates of flu in Australia and New Zealand can be attributed to lock downs, border closures and other methods of tracking and containment.

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A layer of protection against hospital-acquired infections

Source: Brown University

A new type of antibacterial coating for intravascular catheters could drastically reduce catheter-related bloodstream infections in hospital settings. A team of biomedical engineers and infectious disease specialists at Brown University have developed a polyurethane coating using a drug called auranofin that effectively kills methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, prevents the formation of stubborn biofilms, and keeps bacteria from developing a natural resistance. Although preliminary tests have revealed no harmful effects on human blood or liver cells, further testing will be required before the coating is used on patients.

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Do you experience burnout or stress?

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