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Primary Care Salary and Employment Statistics

The 2020 primary care salary survey annual reports are now available! Results from the annual primary care salary survey highlight annual average primary care physician salaries. Respondent demographics including region of practice and employment status are covered in detail. Also, view clinicians’ thoughts on another wave of COVID-19 and patient misinformation about the virus. 

Protecting patients from wildfire smoke exposure

Source: Healthline

It's well know smoke from wildfires in the West negatively impacts patients who live in close proximity to them, but did you know the smoke has been documented as far east as Philadelphia? More patients are presenting with respiratory issues and even heart attack and stroke related to exposure, and the long-term effects could lead to them becoming immunocompromised. How can you help your patients stay safe when air quality is poor?

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New research on link between migraine and dementia

Source: Florence Health

New research indicates a connection between migraines, particularly those with aura, and dementia later in life. Although previous studies have examined the connection between the two, this one is unique in that it explored different types of migraines and had a larger sample size than previous studies. The research could lead to preventive measures patients and their health care teams can take to avoid long-term issues.

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Do you experience burnout or stress?

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