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Tele-cystoscopy increasing access to care

Source: Urology Times

Tele-cystoscopy is helping increase patients' ability to access care amid the urologist shortage. Researchers compared outcomes of patients receiving tele-cystoscopies and those receiving traditional cystoscopies and found the results were equivalent. During a tele-cystoscopy appointment, the procedure is performed by an advanced practitioner under the guidance of a remote urologist who also interprets the videos that are transmitted.

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Stubborn prostate cancer cells responding to coffee?

Source: European Association of Urology

A recent pilot study performed by Japanese scientists found that two naturally occurring compounds in coffee effectively inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells resistant to common anti-cancer drugs. While researchers are optimistic about clinical applications, they do not advocate sudden changes in coffee consumption. Studies are still in the early stages and have yet to be tested in human trials.

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